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Comprehensive Plan Community Survey

Community Survey Now Available (Click Here to take the survey now)

The Comprehensive Planning informational kickoff meeting was held in late July, and since that time, the local planning team (LPT) has not only been established but has grown in number. The LPT has continued to meet monthly and has developed a community survey that launched in October.

The LPT launched the community survey October 15th. The survey is intended to garner input from as many community members as possible regarding how you envision the community. The survey seeks to understand how you would like to see Hackensack develop in the future, what you would like to see change about Hackensack, and what you would like to preserve about Hackensack. The responses from the community survey will be collected and analyzed by the LPT and used to inform the development of the comprehensive plan update. This is your opportunity to provide input into the growth and development of Hackensack.

Please participate in the community call to action, and Click Here to complete the survey.

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